Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Let's do this..

Alright, prices set. I'm ready for some photo sales. I know I posted this in the last post but take a look at my photos for sale here

 I highly recommend metallic prints, even though a bit more expensive, they truly are beautiful though. If there's any issues at all, please let me know. If there's a size you want that isn't available, I'll make sure it happens for you. I can also make shirts and mugs and other stuff available. There's also downloadable files for sale if you'd like to give me a hand but don't want a physical copy.

 My only current hang up is that I'm a terrible salesman. I'll just go ahead and admit it. I'm about to give you the honest run down and hopefully it'll help you decide to put one of my pictures on your wall. The honest truth is that $10,000 is my goal. That'll cover the essentials and allow me to take 2 necessary months off work.
 If I can sell 250 prints and make $40 on each one, I'm golden. I truly feel like that's a reachable goal. 

Let me know what you think in the comments or send me an email. If you really like this idea, buy a photo!

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