Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good News

I'll admit I was starting to get a little discouraged at my personal progress on this project. I wanted to have more things available by the time I posted on facebook. During the test phase a couple of very supportive friends posted it for me and I can't thank them enough. The amount of people that took a second to check things out made me feel much better about it all.

In other news, I got 2 subscribers! I know it's still early on but I can't express how truly excited I am about it. I'm gift happy right now and so thankful to see a positive response that I'd like both of my subscribers to email me a mailing address and I'll get some fun things in the mail for you guys. You'll find my email address to your right in the contact box.

Also, I finally got an email back from paypal about my account review. Honestly I must have made a mistake somewhere and triggered a crazy review of my account. I emailed them to ask a few questions about "my account" and then "account information" and they sent me an email back about how to change my email address. I was angry that I got an automated email and shot back a strongly worded email to, what I thought was an automated system. I guess a human somewhere actually read it and reviewed my account further.

I am now happy to report that my paypal account is ready to rock... at least I think so.

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